How to Tech Like A Legend

How to Tech Like a Legend - We love learning like this! How often do you hear this from your kids? This was the exact response we received when we asked about the new way we approached covering the 'basic' learning this term, but why the change?

8 Awesome Websites for Utilising Games in the Classroom

8 Awesome websites for classroom games - Why use games? Games in the classroom have led to the sprouting of a whole new 21st century educational research field over the last 10 years. They are often more complex than we give them credit for. In a Stanford report last year, it was cited that games teach children patience and discipline – 2 factors that can determine future success better than IQ.

10 Qualities of Great Teachers

What makes a great teacher could easily be a list of characteristics that look similar to what makes a good person - a sense of humour, the ability to feel like you're actually being listened to, flexibility, and consistency of personality and approach. With this in mind, this is a question that has driven educational researchers and the concepts lie at the core of ...

Granted Education

How to use the ripple effect to enact positive change in the classroom

If you ask a student to mimic a teacher, chances are they will stand, point and yell at their hypothetical student, scary! It's not too late to help break the cycle by using this voice-saving, stress-preventing teaching strategy that people have been using for centuries ... use the 'Grandmother Method for learning'. This strategy uses encouragement & acknowledgement and just works because ...

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Gamify your lesson in 3 easy steps

Everyone loves to play games whether you're big, small, old or young. With that in mind, whatever you are teaching, it's worth asking yourself "can this be made into a game"? "Hell yes!" should be the resounding answer and there is a plethora of research out there to back this up! Here are just a few: