8 Awesome Websites for Utilising Games in the Classroom

8 Awesome websites for classroom games - Why use games? Games in the classroom have led to the sprouting of a whole new 21st century educational research field over the last 10 years. They are often more complex than we give them credit for. In a Stanford report last year, it was cited that games teach children patience and discipline – 2 factors that can determine future success better than IQ.

10 Qualities of Great Teachers

What makes a great teacher could easily be a list of characteristics that look similar to what makes a good person - a sense of humour, the ability to feel like you're actually being listened to, flexibility, and consistency of personality and approach. With this in mind, this is a question that has driven educational researchers and the concepts lie at the core of ...

Granted Education - Music in the classroom

Music in the classroom

Students often talk & disrupt just to break the silence in the room. An awesome teaching strategy is to acknowledge the silence so YOU take charge. Play background music & explicitly tell the kids that it's on to take out the silence & help them work. This is not rocket science - if you want them to chill out, play chilled out music, alternatively, if you want them active & in group work, play some faster tempo music. As with anything, let them know that if ...