www.facebook.com/GrantedEducation – this is our associated Facebook page. Jump over & check it out!

www.classdojo.com – this is a great resource to use to reward positive behaviour

https://www.youtube.com/user/AsapSCIENCE – this is a YouTube channel that answers interesting questions from a scientific point of view.  You can use it as a lesson starter to get student’s brains ticking, or to help deliver a dry topic (see Tip #30). Questions like – Why do we yawn? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Where 21st century teaching strategies are a piece of cake!

http://www.educatorstechnology.com –  this is an awesome site with heaps of collections of links for using technology in the classroom. Definitely worth your time!

Silent Classroom Fidgets – this is where you can find things for kids to fidget with while they are doing their work (instead of tapping/clicking their pen and driving you bonkers!) … there’s some seriously cool stuff here!

Puzzle maker – printable make your own worksheets – word search, maths squares, mazes. I use this one all the time!

Toondoo – make your own comics! This is an awesome site and I use it to provide graphical information on my worksheets. It also gives an opportunity for colouring in (who doesn’t love to colour in?!) and helps cater to your visual learners.

Class Tools – this site has a heap of IT resources to use in the classroom, like – SMS generator (you could use this in English to have a conversation with a famous author), QR code generator, timer, fishbone diagrams, twister (create a fake tweet from a fictional character), venn diagram templates, auto citation for references … and more. 

Create visual timelines – this is a collection of websites and apps that are great to create visual timelines. These would be handy in any subject and I’ve used some of them in Science to show geology over time as well as the history of the universe.

Khan Academy (youtube) – these free videos are awesome at explaining Maths & Science concepts. I regularly refer my students to this site if they are revising or studying. Their website also provides FREE resources & they state that they will never charge for access www.khanacademy.org

Maths & Literacy –  Head over to the Freebies page and download the math and literacy website links (the red and yellow stars). Lots of great links there!

Google skills test –  These challenges are a great way to get your students to put their Google skills to the test.

Google Feud – this is an awesomely fun game that can be used in teams to guess what the next search term would be for the category. Check it out but be warned IT’S ADDICTIVE and the kids will probably bug you all the time to play it! Rocking the 21st century teaching strategies!

Music whiz – learn to read notes. This game reinforces many skills learned during lessons including ear training. This is the treble clef edition.

18 things a 21st century teacher SHOULD be able to do and HOW to do them – here’s a lifehack article that contains hyperlinks to show you how to get your 21st century teaching strategies up to scratch!

Comic font creator – this is awesome for creating interesting looking titles for worksheets. The images can be downloaded immediately and are free to use! I use this a lot because the standard fonts in the Microsoft suite are “very 90’s looking” as my daughter would say (apparently this is not a good thing)!

Google Scholar –  I use it to show the kids how to read through journal article abstracts to see if the article is relevant to their research. It’s a great search engine & for journals, published papers and the higher end research. It’s awesome for up to date education research also!

Snapshot – This site has a good mix of 21st century tools to pimp out your classroom, including interactive story creators, comic creators, maths and science activities and more. It seems to be geared towards the primary setting, but secondary teachers may find some of the apps useful.

Anytime Education – an awesome site for Biology tutorials!

TES Australia – Share & download worksheets, lesson plans and activities for both primary & secondary classrooms! You need to sign up, but it’s free & then you have access to all the great resources – it’s worth it.

Edpuzzle – create flipped learning where questions can be embedded and encourage the learner to engage with the content. You can create your own videos or use existing YouTube clips. You can also track to see how your students go on the questions and work on mastery by requiring them to get the questions correct before moving on. I use this quite a lot in my classroom!