How to Tech Like A Legend

How to Tech Like a Legend - We love learning like this! How often do you hear this from your kids? This was the exact response we received when we asked about the new way we approached covering the 'basic' learning this term, but why the change?

10 Qualities of Great Teachers

What makes a great teacher could easily be a list of characteristics that look similar to what makes a good person - a sense of humour, the ability to feel like you're actually being listened to, flexibility, and consistency of personality and approach. With this in mind, this is a question that has driven educational researchers and the concepts lie at the core of ...

Granted Education - Music in the classroom

Music in the classroom

Students often talk & disrupt just to break the silence in the room. An awesome teaching strategy is to acknowledge the silence so YOU take charge. Play background music & explicitly tell the kids that it's on to take out the silence & help them work. This is not rocket science - if you want them to chill out, play chilled out music, alternatively, if you want them active & in group work, play some faster tempo music. As with anything, let them know that if ...

How to help active kids remain engaged and foster curiosity

Writing notes is BORING while sitting in one place. Test out this teaching strategy - Print out the notes, number the points & stick them around the room. Put them in interesting places to get them to find them all (like on the ceiling!) - make learning a treasure hunt! Who doesn't like treasure hunts?! This works a treat for students who find it hard to sit still, dance classes love this activity.