Teacher Education –  What we do

Helping teachers recognise the need for, and implementation of, engaging 21st century teaching strategies that improve learning and student involvement during the lesson. The best side effect with this approach is that when activities are designed in this way, behaviour management strategies play a minimal role and enjoyment for both student and teacher is heightened. Winning! 

Why do we care?

We are the sum of our parts (please excuse my Maths/Science inner geek from coming out!). If we (as teachers) can become more efficient with each step in our teaching, the overall effect will be significant.  Imagine what our students can achieve when they have an awesome teacher who uses engaging and supportive teaching strategies as their everyday classroom practice! The world will indeed be their oyster.

Feel free to share our teacher education tips and opportunities for engaging teaching strategies. Check out the Troubleshooting Classrooms section for our blog on teacher tips and 21st century teaching strategies to help make your classroom awesome!

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Vikki Grant