Writing notes is BORING while sitting in one place.

How to foster curiosity in the classroom

Test out this teaching strategy – Print out the notes, number the points & stick them around the room. Put them in interesting places to get them to find them all (like on the ceiling!) – make learning a treasure hunt! Who doesn’t like treasure hunts?! This works a treat for students who find it hard to sit still, dance classes love this activity.

If you are excited by technology and keen for students to use their electronic devices during your lesson (I thoroughly recommend it!), make this activity more interesting by turning the notes into QR codes. There are a heap of apps to help with this, but I use https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/qr-reader-for-iphone/id368494609?mt=8“. If you don’t have phone access, ClassTools has one also. What the heck are QR codes? Here’s a quick pic to give you more info:

Whether you are using traditional text, or QR codes, it’s always handy to number your clues so that students know when they have all the information. You’ll be surprised how quietly and efficiently they do this!  I find that it’s handy to have at least 2 copies of each piece of info/QR code so that you avoid traffic jams. Here’s an example of a QR code from my Yr 9 Science class, get your phone out & scan it, it works.

Another teaching strategy is to have the info so that it can be collected in any order.  If a particular order is necessary to make sense of the info (which could be a good reading strategy – putting it together so that it flows), you could print out a structure sheet for them to write the info onto. This has pros and cons also, so I’ll let you figure out what’s best for your group. This doesn’t have to be hard, if it is … think about what you’re doing and question if it’s absolutely necessary.

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