How to deal with a wild classroom

Peel the kids off the walls and start with a game! Try starting the lesson with a competition like Left Vs Right. Let them play for ‘free time’ (time to pack their books in their bag & leave exactly on the bell/play a game/listen to music). Boys in particular love competition! Here’s how it works (and it really does!):

Divide the class into 2, your choice – boys Vs girls, Left Vs Right etc. Use questions from what was covered in previous lessons. If the team given the question gets it correct, they get 10 points. If the team gets it wrong, it goes to the other side for a ‘steal’ for half of the value. This it can be ‘re-stolen’ for half the points again & so on. Show the tally on the board & have one of the students as the official referee/scorer. The whole team must decide on the answer. To minimise silly answers being yelled out, ask your team captain for their official answer.

Give it a go & let me know what happens! Oh, by the way, make sure you have a tie breaker question up your sleeve – 1st person in with their name as their buzzer.

Good luck!

Vikki Grant


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